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Odstąpienie od umowy



Users may cancel agreements within 14 workdays without specifying their reasons. The method of this is set forth in Governmental Decree No. 45/2014. (II.26.) on Agreements Concluded by Remote Parties. Users may exercise their right to cancel for a period of 14 workdays following receipt of a product or, if they have not obtained information on the Provider’s details, properties of the product and service in question and the right of cancellation (written confirmation), for a period of eight workdays following receipt thereof but for a period of three months following receipt of the product at maximum. The right of cancellation may be exercised in case of acceptance in person as well. Users may communicate their cancellation statement to the Provider at the mailing address or e-mail address indicated in the Provider’s details. The Provider shall confirm the receipt of the consumer statement in a durable medium without delay.
In case a User exercises his/her right of cancellation, such User shall return the product in question at his/her own expense. The return shall be considered completed in time in case the product is returned by the consumer before the expiration of the deadline. Users may not return cancelled products to the Provider by COD, the Provider shall not accept COD deliveries. In case of cancellation, the Provider may claim reimbursement for damages due to improper use of the goods. No other costs than this shall be borne by the User in connection with cancellation.
The Provider shall fully transfer the amount paid by the User to the User as stipulated by applicable law, immediately but not later than 14 days following cancellation. In case of adequate cancellation, the sum to be recovered to the User shall be paid by the payment method originally chosen by the User when paying the price. In accordance with the explicit consent of the User, the Provider may use a different method for the refund; however, no additional fee shall be borne by the User as a result thereof. The User shall bear the cost of the product’s return only, unless the Provider undertakes to bear that cost.


Users may not exercise their right of cancellation:
for the sale of products bound to the person of the User or produced based on the User’s instructions or express request or which may not be returned due to its character or is perishable;
for agreements related to audio or video recording or computer software copy if its packaging has been opened by the User;
for agreements related to the sale of newspapers, magazines and periodicals; and
in further cases as set forth by law.


In the course of their intended use, the Nosiboo child-friendly nasal aspirator equipment and Colibri/Penguin holders (parts) are inserted in human body openings (the nasal cavity) and contact the mycoderm. In case the packaging is opened, products may contact mycoderm while tried, which means a potential risk of contamination and therefore returned products are not suitable for their intended use any longer. Pursuant to Governmental Decree 45/2014 (II.26.), Users are only entitled to cancel orders of these products if they have not opened the packaging. The right of cancellation shall only be valid for products returned in unopened packaging.


The provisions of this item exclusively apply to Users considered natural persons proceeding outside the scope of their individual occupation and economic activities who buy, order, obtain, use goods or are recipients of commercial communication or offers related to goods (“Consumers”).