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Terms of shipment and payment

Delivery costs of orders shall be borne by Users and such costs shall be indicated on invoices. If a User places several orders on the same day, these shall be taken into account separately in terms of delivery costs. The Provider reserves the right to change delivery charges and such changes shall become effective at the same time as they appear at the Website. Such changes shall not affect the purchase price of products ordered.


The Provider shall perform the services ordered at the Website at the place (delivery address) indicated in the order confirmation sent to the User in e-mail.


In case of delivery to a delivery address, the Provider shall use the services of GLS General Logistics System Hungary Kft. (“GLS”).


Packages shall be delivered on workdays between 8 and 17 o’clock. In case a User is not at home during this period, it is recommended to provide his/her workplace (or other available) address as delivery address. Contact by phone significantly helps couriers find addresses so it is recommended to provide a mobile phone number during registration.


In the course of placing an order, the value of deliveries shall be settled in advance so no purchase price or delivery costs shall be handed over to couriers.


Users shall visually inspect packages in the course of acceptance while the courier is present, and record any detected damages of packages in a protocol. After taking a protocol, Users may choose to return externally damaged packages or accept them, which is to be recorded in the protocol. Packages may only be unpacked following acceptance. Accepted packages shall at all times be left by couriers at the delivery address and not returned. If a product in an accepted package is damaged, it shall be recorded in a protocol by the courier. No complaints made later on and without a protocol shall be accepted.


GLS courier service shall attempt delivery several times. In case delivery attempts fail several times, packages are automatically returned to the Provider’s warehouse.


If a User refuses to accept a package, no further delivery attempts shall be made and such package is automatically returned to the Provider’s warehouse. Costs of failed deliveries shall be fully borne by Users, including the fee of deliveries and returns to the Provider’s warehouse.


In case of a failed delivery, the Provider shall contact the User at the e-mail address provided during registration in order to arrange further actions.


Products may only be delivered again if supplemental and repeated delivery costs are transferred in advance. In case the User does not request a further delivery or cannot be contacted within thirty (30) calendar days, the Provider shall return to the User the amount transferred in advance by the User (the amount of product price and delivery costs) minus delivery costs incurred.


Products may be ordered exclusively by home delivery and are not available in person.


Products are delivered to Hungary only. Delivery costs are determined by orders. Information on delivery deadlines shall be provided in the course of the order process. 

Shipping fees when pay in advance:

Shipping is free if the total sum of the order exceeds 10.000 Ft.
If it equals or below 10.000 Ft, the shipping is 1440 Ft.+VAT

Shipping fees in case of pay on delivery:
Shipping is free if the total sum of the order exceeds 10.000 Ft.
If it equals or below 10.000 Ft, the shipping is 1910 Ft.+VAT

Users may select a payment method for each delivery method. By launching the payment process, Users may place their orders automatically through the SimplePay payment system at SimplePay’s own payment interface, using their VISA or MASTERCARD cards. Bank card details shall not be provided to the Provider but managed by SimplePay’s secure system only. In case a User has a valid PAYPAL account, orders may be placed using PAYPAL’s payment services. Users may make payments securely at that system’s payment interface by logging in their account.